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everybody-left-you asked: Hey I just finished season 9 on Netflix but I can't find a good, quality link for season 10. Do ya know of one?:) thanks <<33

Hey! Sorry guys, but this is the last time I’m gonna answer a link request! I get soo many haha.

The link is on my page, where it says “CLICK HERE TO WATCH ONLINE”

Enjoy. :)

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Anonymous asked: I love callie so so so so much it actually hurts my heart. I love her character so much. I love her and Arizona together it just melts my heart. Soz have a girl crush on them both. Love your blog and I'm from Australia too hehe. Sydney :)



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Anonymous asked: Can you give me the link of the season 10 please? I can't find it :(

It’s on my page, guys!