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Anonymous asked: I love callie so so so so much it actually hurts my heart. I love her character so much. I love her and Arizona together it just melts my heart. Soz have a girl crush on them both. Love your blog and I'm from Australia too hehe. Sydney :)



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Anonymous asked: Can you give me the link of the season 10 please? I can't find it :(

It’s on my page, guys!

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Anonymous asked: Is the link you posted for Season 10, a trust worthy site? Like when it says "free" it really means free? & it won't mess with my computer or give out any virsus' ?

Yes, it’s safe, and completely free. Only thing I’ll say is, when using it, be sure not to click “stream video now!” otherwise they’ll ask you to sign up and all that jazz. If you click on the top link - with the episode number etc, you should be fine. Enjoy! :)